The Victoria and Albert Museum

The perfect base for exploring the Victoria and Albert Museum

The Egerton House Hotel is almost directly opposite the Victoria and Albert Museum – walk 100 yards to Brompton Road, turn left and walk 300 yards, and you are opposite the main entrance. The V&A, as it is generally called, is the world’s greatest museum of art and design, so no trip to London is complete without paying it a visit. Admission is free and it houses a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects in 145 different galleries.  The collection spans 5,000 years of art, from ancient times to the present day, covering the cultures of Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa. 

The museum also owns the world's largest collection of post-classical sculpture, with the holdings of Italian Renaissance items being the largest outside Italy. The ceramics, glass, textiles, costumes silver, ironwork, jewellery, medieval objects, furniture, sculpture, prints and printmaking, drawings and photographs are among the largest and most comprehensive in the world. The departments of Asia include art from South Asia, China, Japan, Korea and the Islamic world. The East Asian collections are among the best in Europe, with particular strengths in ceramics and metalwork, while the Islamic collection is amongst the largest in the Western world.  The V&A also holds some of the most impressive exhibitions on art in London, boasting a number of large galleries exclusively for this purpose.  

Just walking around the museum takes some stamina and you’ll expend a huge amount of mental energy in every room. That’s why it makes so much sense to stay with us. You can get there nice and early, without a tiring tube or bus journey, and before the crowds arrive. This allows you to take things at a more leisurely pace, and when you’re done we’ll revive you with one of our legendary afternoon teas. To make the whole event even more appealing we’ve also created a special V&A Experience package which includes two nights' accommodation, tickets to the exhibition of your choice, your breakfast and much more besides.

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