A Partnership to Make a Difference: TreadRight and Just a Drop


Clean water is something we all take out for granted and now the TreadRight organisation is showing how we can give back.


22nd July 2016

Red Carnation Hotels

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that if we all give a little, together we can make a great difference. This is the inspiration behind the international water development initiative, Just a Drop, which endeavours to give undeveloped communities around the world better sanitation. Now, our not-for-profit sustainability and community organization The TreadRight Foundation, along with Red Carnation Hotels, are partnering with Just a Drop on a mission to deliver clean and safe water to the remote villages of north-west Cambodia.

As a part of The Travel Corporation (TTC), Red Carnation Hotels proudly supports the TreadRight Foundation, which was established by TTC to encourage sustainable tourism. TreadRight’s new partnership with Just a Drop will focus on reducing child mortality and improving the lives of the people in these undeveloped communities by delivering water that’s not only clean and safe to drink but also more accessible.

Just a Drop was set up by Fiona Jeffery in 1998, after she discovered that donating just £1 could provide a child with clean water for up to 10 years. The charity’s name plays on the idea of giving a little to make a significant difference to the lives of people in some of the most impoverished parts of the world. The charity’s projects support each of these communities by building wells and boreholes, and installing pipelines, hand pumps and latrines, as well as by establishing health and sanitation programmes.

Since it was founded, Just a Drop’s projects have made an immeasurable difference to poor communities in more than 30 countries, through the work of the charity’s small team, with the help of volunteers, and through its funding. As they’ve helped each of these communities, from Kenya and Uganda to parts of Southeast Asia, the team has collected many insightful stories of the individuals whose lives they’ve improved, which are testament to Just a Drop’s valuable contribution.

Just a Drop

Now, with the funding provided by the TreadRight Foundation, Just a Drop will be helping to provide clean water for sanitation and hygiene in three villages – Damrey Slap, Knar Chor and Rolom Sway – in Cambodia’s Kralanh District. The aim is to make a difference to the lives of 1,806 people; with better sanitation the number of water related illnesses will decrease, and with better health comes a more rewarding life in which education and earning an income can become a reality.

As they live in one of Cambodia’s least developed areas, the community in the country’s northwest is confronted each day with challenging living conditions and a struggle to access clean water. The partnership between Just a Drop and TreadRight will begin the journey to improving this situation, and making a positive impact on the lives of the people living in this region.

Keep up-to-date with Red Carnation Hotels, TreadRight and Just a Drop as this project evolves.

All images © Just a Drop, courtesy of TreadRight.

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