World Water Day: An interview with Karen Lynch


We talk with Karen Lynch, CEO of the UK’s leading ethical water service company, Belu.


World Water Day (WWD) is coming up on 22 March, so Red Carnation caught up with the CEO of the UK’s leading ethical water service company, Belu, to discuss our partnership and how you can get involved in WWD 2017.

Tell us about how Red Carnation working with Belu is making a difference?

“Red Carnation Hotels in the UK began serving bottles of Belu mineral water in 2012. Belu is water with a difference, with all our profits donated to the charity WaterAid to end global water poverty. Over this time, Red Carnation’s support has transformed the lives of 1,280 people living in poor countries with access to safe water and sanitation. Through doing something so simple as serving water, you’re making such an amazing social impact. We love working with Red Carnation because you’re so committed to social responsibility. It was great to attend your last Green team meeting and see all the work you’re doing.”

What is WWD?

WWD, is a UN designated day devoted to raising awareness of the global water crisis. There are currently over 663 million people living without a safe water supply, spending countless hours queuing or trekking to distant sources, and coping with the health impacts of using contaminated water.”

What do Belu do for WWD?

“Belu take the opportunity every year to thank our customers and engage them in raising awareness of the global water crisis through supporting WaterAid’s go #Blue4Water campaign. Last year, Red Carnation went for Blue4Water including baking blueberry muffins, social media activity and employees wore blue carnation flowers.”

How can people get involved in WWD 2017?

“Check out the WaterAid site for tips on how you can raise awareness, and if you’re staying at a Red Carnation Hotel perhaps buy a bottle of Belu in the bar. Make sure you share on social media and hashtag #WorldWaterDay, #Blue4Water and tag @BeluWater @WaterAidUK.”

Water Aid

Tell us more about Belu…

“Belu offers the most ethical choice in water service from bottled mineral water, to filtered or refillables. We give all our profits to WaterAid to end global water poverty. To date that’s a total of over £2.2M transforming over 146,000 lives with access to water and sanitation. As a business, we base every decision on ethics and overall planetary cost. We’re the only UK bottled water company to be 100% carbon neutral across our entire business and we would never dream of exporting our water.

We’re served in all the best places including Red Carnation Hotels of course. We’re also the official water partner of AA Hotel Services and the strategic water partner of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.”

Images Courtesy of Belu Water

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