The best autumn flowers and how to arrange them


Our flower arranging secrets for the upcoming season.


Rosy reds, soft yellows and muted orange hues are the colours most associated with autumn, with its fallen leaves and harvest vegetables. Inspired by The Egerton House Hotel, which displays a rotation of seasonal, fragrant blooms year-round, we present some suggestions for welcoming the outdoors into the home as the temperature cools. Here’s our pick of autumn’s most striking flowers and foliage, and how they can enliven your interiors.

Autumn Flowers

Which flowers are in bloom in autumn?

Although many summer blooms fade come autumn, there’s a wealth of evergreen plants and stunning florals that burst to life at this time of year. The deep orange flame of flowering ginger, cheery chrysanthemums and a clutch of weather-hardy perennials are the loveliest florals to look out for at garden nurseries and flower markets between September and October. Known for its dainty white petals, classic Japanese anemone is another of autumn’s most coveted florals.

Autumn Flowers

Sunflowers reach for the sky from the height of summer through to mid-September, while fragrant lavender bursts to life for a second wind during this season, too. Source some ever-popular lilac from the various lavender farms around the UK, many of which invite budding florists into their fields to pick their own. Once home, bundle the lavender together tightly with string—it will dry and hold its scent until December.

Bringing the outside in

Nature’s bounty extends far beyond florals. Foraged branches and seasonal foliage lend decorative drama to autumnal flower displays. Punctuate bouquets with texturising pine cones, fronds of fern, and tall grasses with pretty seed heads. Leafy twigs and English ivy are also easy to incorporate into an autumnal flower arrangement. For a bold pop of colour, tuck in a few sprigs of blood-red berries.

Autumn Flowers

Selecting the perfect container

Of course, every home has a favourite vase. However, in keeping with the harvest theme, err on the rustic with a recycled Mason jar or galvanised bucket. Finding new ways to repurpose old containers makes a statement and benefits the environment, too. Committed to practising sustainability, The Egerton avoids plastic wherever possible and invites guests to do the same. Eco-friendly containers made from hollowed-out logs, pumpkins or other autumnal vegetables are an innovative solution.

Autumn Flowers

Tips for arranging autumn flowers

Less is more when it comes to flower arranging, especially when working with a variety of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Start by deciding what to include in the display—lay everything on a plain surface and play around with different combinations to find the best one. Select the most charismatic bloom as your focal flower and design the arrangement around this. Then, tastefully disperse filler flowers and foliage between the most show-stopping florals. The lacy, white froth of gypsophila, also known as baby’s-breath, is very easy to work with.

Autumn Flowers

For a fun introduction to the art of flower arranging, join Jade Wadham at Red Carnation Hotels’ The Egerton House Hotel and celebrate autumn’s prettiest flowers. Contact The Egerton for more information.

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