The Best Chocolate Shops in Geneva


The famous Swiss chocolate never fails to tempt. You'll find the best selection with our guide.


09th January 2015

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 Switzerland’s not short of admirers. Beautiful backdrops frame almost every sight; quaint towns and cities offer intrigue and charm; and people fly in from all over to the world to experience its world-class skiing. But for us, it’s the famous Swiss chocolate that’s got us salivating.

Wherever you are in Switzerland, delicious chocolate will never be far away – but in Geneva myriad chocolateries line the streets. Fortunately, it’s a small city so you won’t have to travel far from our lakeside Hotel d’Angleterre to get your next cocoa fix. To save you some time, we’ve selected our favourite chocolate shops in Geneva to try on your next trip.

Du Rhône

The Best Chocolate Shops in Geneva   Du Rhone

Du Rhone shop interior and tea room © Du Rhone

Du Rhône, founded in 1875, is one of Geneva’s oldest and most prestigious chocolateries. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, this classy, chocolate haven specialises in classic chocolates – its praline is not to be missed. Offering its own tea room, you can enjoy Du Rhône’s delights in a relaxed and luxurious setting.

La Bonbonnière

The Best Chocolate Shops in Geneva   La Bonbonniere

La Bonbonniere chocolate counter © La Bonbonniere

A specialist among the chocolate shops in Geneva, La Bonbonnière can be found on the affluent and buzzing Rue de Rive. Its exterior may appear a little underwhelming, but its creative and imaginative chocolates, most crafted with 100% cocoa butter, surpass those of its abundant, nearby competitors. Make sure to avoid the inevitably long queues at lunchtime.


The Best Chocolate Shops in Geneva   Canonica

Rasberry chocolates with sesame © Canonica

Curiously located within Geneva airport, Canonica may sell the branded and ubiquitous chocolates with which we are all familiar, but it also has its own wares to flaunt. Its chocolatier, Samuel Romagné, is renowned in Switzerland and has recently been selected to compete against five other Swiss chocolatiers for the honour of representing Switzerland at the 2015 World Chocolate Masters. Forget family, friends and colleagues, pick up a last-minute treat to enjoy before boarding the flight home.

Frédéric Ducret

The Best Chocolate Shops in Geneva

Box of chocolates © limpido/Thinkstock/iStock

Ideal for insatiable chocolate cravings, Frédéric Ducret is one of the few chocolate shops in Geneva to open its doors on a Sunday. Perhaps even more surprising is its location – you’ll find this chocolaterie on the unremarkable Rue Hoffman in the northwest of the city, far removed from central Geneva’s more charming streets. Nevertheless, despite the extra time taken in getting here, Frédéric Ducret’s contemporary, design-driven chocolates make the journey well worth undertaking.

ARN Chocolaterie

The Best Chocolate Shops in Geneva

Chocolates on display © ValentinaPhotos/Thinkstock/iStock

At some point you’re sure to find yourself in Geneva’s picturesque Old Town. Whilst there, it’s certainly worth stopping by ARN, a chocolaterie which has been around for over a century. More than forty different, individual chocolates are on offer here, but their speciality is the Pavés de Genève – cube-like, cocoa-dusted chunks of heavenly, smooth chocolate.


The Best Chocolate Shops in Geneva   Stettler

Stettler chocolates © Loris Siebenthal

Stettler has a strong presence in Geneva, boasting five boutiques and tea rooms around the city. Their delicious chocolates are available in them all, and every venue is attractive and immaculate. However, you can take a peak around their workshop at the branch on Avenue Blanc, where they’ll reveal the secrets behind their chocolate and encourage you to create your own…dangerous and wonderfully decadent.

Header Image: Stettler chocolates © Loris Siebenthal


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