The art of perfect packing


From smart suitcases to relaxing eye masks, these packing accessories are the secret to stress-free travel.


27th March 2018

Red Carnation Hotels

The first step on the road to an enjoyable trip is packing the correct items. Rather than leaving it to the night before departure and struggling with crushed clothing and forgotten toothbrushes, a little foresight goes a long way when it comes to mastering the art of perfect packing. Whichever one of Red Carnation Hotels' properties you are heading to, organisation is the key to speedy, efficient packing, and these are five of the best packing accessories to help you along the way.

Best Packing Accessories

Be suitcase savvy

The trusty suitcase is the cornerstone of your packing operation. Arlo Skye's founders finessed their skills working for two of the world's leading luggage makers, including Louis Vuitton, and their suitcase set offers the perfect fusion of elegance and utility. The sleek but tough silver casing which is made using the latest in luggage technology, virgin polycarbonate, and the aluminium finish means they will never scratch. The cases are also the perfect size for carry-on and hold transport respectively, meaning no space is wasted and no extra costs are incurred. They come with a charging kit and removable batteries - ideal for the modern globetrotter.

Keep clean with shoe bags

These handy travel bags are an excellent way of keeping your clothes clean when you've got wet or muddy shoes to pack…on a hiking holiday in Dorset, for example. These bags are the saviour of all your favourite garments.

Best Packing Accessories

Control your cash in a coin bag

Once you're dealing with two or more currencies, a coin bag is worth its weight in gold (depending on how many coins you keep in it, that is). This stylish accessory will save you from awkwardly fumbling for change at the airport, making it much easier to keep track of your money while travelling.

Get your beauty sleep

Small enough to fit in your pocket, an eye mask can be a real saviour during long haul travel, or for those battling jet lag in a new time zone. Holistic Silk make some of the finest eye masks on the market, meaning you can enjoy a little luxury whilst also catching up on sleep. Designed to completely block out all light, each eye mask is made from Dupion silk with cotton velvet backing for maximum comfort, and created in small batches in the UK using responsibly sourced textiles. The eye masks are also filled with dried Lavender to promote relaxation and help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Best Packing Accessories

Weigh up your options

This digital luggage scale is an absolute must-have when it comes to packing. Accurately knowing the weight of your case is absolutely essential, and will save you time at the airport. This useful tool also doubles up as a torch, just in case you should need one.

Now that you've learned the art of packing, enjoy a stress-free stay by booking a break at one of our hotels.

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