Charter a Private Flight with the Aviator Society


Ramina Soudavi tells us how chartering a private flight is easier, and cheaper, then you might think.


07th June 2016

Red Carnation Hotels

For many travellers, the idea of chartering a private jet is the stuff of dreams. But with the Aviator Society, that’s all about to change. Not only do they make it easy to charter a private flight with family and friends, it’s also more affordable than you might think. We can’t imagine a better way to arrive at your Red Carnation Hotel in style, so we spoke to Director of Aviator Society, Ramina Soudavi, to find out how it’s done.

What experience can people expect to have on a charter flight?

“Well firstly, the jet waits for you, not the other way around, so if your meeting over-runs or you’re stuck in traffic, the crew will be ready upon your arrival. Most VIP terminals have direct access to the aircraft with a private car, and all of the aircrafts have services and entertainment features that are tailored to each customer. You can enjoy exquisite fine dining on-board and even request food from your favourite restaurant. The crew all have the passengers’ satisfaction, as well as their safety, as their focus, so if you want to drink Champagne and enjoy a meal, you can do so.”

How does the cost of hiring a private jet compare with buying a first class ticket on a commercial flight?

“The price to charter a jet – depending on the number of people –often works out considerably cheaper. If a commercial airline involves changing flights, for example, it can cost more to make the entire journey. One way to save is by using our empty legs service, which is where you essentially piggyback off another flight when a jet has completed a one-way trip and needs to return to its base. These flights can be up to 70% off the usual charter cost, and they can be booked up to seven months in advance. Plus, with business aviation you can fly into over 2000 airports throughout Europe, whereas commercial airlines only fly to around 200. In this way, business aviation gets you closer to the destination.”

Charter a Private Flight

What experience do people have on a curated Jet Escape?

“Our Jet Escapes are the epitome of luxury. You can expect door-to-door service and each trip is curated to cater to the client’s every need. We organise a chauffeur pick-up, and drop-off on the tarmac where your aircraft awaits. Upon arrival you have a chauffeur to take you to your hotel where you’re greeted with Champagne, and we have the most exclusive restaurants, bars and clubs available for you to dine at, as well as activities like yacht excursions and skiing.”

How does Jet Seat differ from the usual jet charter?

“Jet Seat makes travelling privately accessible to a lot more people, because you’re essentially just paying for the seat. We have a range of clients who benefit from this service, from business clients who charter jets for large groups, as they find it’s more efficient and cost effective than flights on commercial airlines, to people on hen and stag dos who want to make their journey more luxurious without paying an arm and a leg to fulfil the once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have lots of groups from the US who want to travel to London privately, so they opt for our Jet Seat service in combination with Jet Escapes for a curated stay with hotels, activities and restaurants.”

Charter a Private Flight

What does your concierge service offer?

“It’s easier to ask what our concierge service doesn’t offer, and it’s not much. Available 24/7, we offer preferential rates on presidential suites and luxurious rooms at exclusive five-star hotels, as well as the top restaurants and sporting events. Our concierge is here to make sure your journey is what matters.”

What does membership involve and how do people join?

“To join, people just need to apply, then pay an annual fee; it’s as easy as that. The membership includes priority on unlimited Jetdeals – typically known as empty legs – and is just £3,500 annually, which is just over the monthly rate of an exclusive gym membership in London. It definitely isn’t just for the super-wealthy. In fact, it’s not even just a luxury; members who fly regularly save money, too.”

Charter a Private Flight

What makes Aviator Society stand out?

“For us it’s about the journey, and even more so about the destination and the dream. By combining our product with the lifestyle and story of each of our clients, we have created something aspirational. Our ethos is to put clients first and we have carefully selected lifestyle services to match each of their profiles. We grow and adapt with our clients and we are constantly developing to offer exclusive added-value services, such as On-Demand Jets, Jet Deals, Jet Escapes and Jet Seats, as well as helicopter transfers.”

Travel in-style with Aviator Society to any of our elegant hotels, where the stay will be as memorable as the journey.

Image credits: Cover photo © iStock / kafl. Director of Aviator Society, Ramina Soudavi © Aviator Society. Using private charter for business travel © Aviator Society. Door-to-door service © iStock / Predrag Vuckovic. A private jet in flight © iStock / kafl.


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