Discover the Patrick Mavros Pangolin Collection


With a commitment to animal conservation, Patrick Mavros has chosen to help support the pangolin through his latest jewellery line.


15th February 2018

Red Carnation Hotels

Inspired by the natural beauty of Africa, Patrick Mavros has been creating stunning jewellery for almost four decades. Despite having boutiques dotted around the world – including a London flagship store not far from Red Carnation Hotels’ London properties – it’s a family-run business and the company still has its workshops and studio located in a small village outside of Zimbabwe, where it also runs a wildlife sanctuary.

With a commitment to animal conservation, it’s unsurprising that Patrick Mavros has chosen to help support the cause of the lesser-known pangolin. Known to be the most trafficked animal on earth, World Pangolin Day takes place on 17th February and aims to raise awareness of the plight of the species. Pangolins are considered critically endangered for two reasons: they’re illegally hunted for their skin and meat; and they also face the loss of their natural habitat due to deforestation. Unknown to many, the species is, in fact, comprised of eight different varieties, categorised into Asian and African subcategories. Furthermore, they are the only mammals that are entirely covered in scales, designed to protect them from predators but also highly sought-after in Chinese medicine. As a result, pangolins can fetch a high price on the black market. The name pangolin comes from the Malay meaning, ‘to roll up,’ and this is the exact tactic they take when threatened.

Patrick Mavros Pangolin

Jeweller Patrick Mavros has a longstanding connection to pangolins. In 1980, Patrick Mavros Snr. undertook the task of caring for a small group of rescued pangolins, and the whole family quickly became enthralled by the charming animals. Inspired by their encounter, the Mavros family is a longstanding supporter of the Tikki Hywood Trust, which helps to protect pangolins. Furthermore, the Patrick Mavros Pangolin Collection reimagines the creature’s distinctive scales as beautiful jewellery. Created by Patrick Mavros Jnr, the designs are intended to raise awareness of the endangered pangolin, with 10% of sales going directly to the Tikki Hywood Trust. The collection includes pieces for both men and women, and each ring, earring, necklace and bangle cleverly incorporates the distinctive pangolin scale design to stylish effect. Look out for the Pangolin Scale collection, featuring the wonderfully classic Pangolin Scale stud earrings in sterling silver and gold, as well as timelessly chic bangles and cuffs. A welcome addition to any jewellery collection, you’ll wear these pieces time and time again, and in doing so, you’ll also be helping to protect these rare and enchanting creatures.

Patrick Mavros Pangolin

Learn more about the story behind the Patrick Mavros Pangolin collection and explore his flagship London store when you visit any one of Red Carnation Hotels’ London properties.

Image Credits: Pangolin searching for ants ©  iStock/2630ben. All other images courtesy of Patrick Mavros.


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