Five of the best luxury luggage brands


Buying quality luggage is made simple with this guide to our top five brands.


18th July 2017

Red Carnation Hotels

Quality luggage is, arguably, the best investment any frequent traveller can make. However, the search for the perfect suitcase can sometimes seem like a lifelong pursuit. The ideal luggage should be durable, portable and stylish, and that’s just the beginning. Travellers must also choose between hard or soft designs, suitcase and holdall styles, the latest technology features and many variations in size. Fortunately, help is at hand with our guide to the best luggage brands out there. From Globe-Trotter’s traditional designs to Tumi’s tried and tested products, selecting your perfect suitcase has never been easier.

Luggage Brands


Heritage luggage brand Globe-Trotter celebrates its 120th birthday this year. Founded in Saxony in 1897, the company moved its operations to the UK in the 1930s, where all its luggage is still made by hand. Globe-Trotter is the ideal choice for those who want old world style but with modern innovation. The company’s vintage-inspired designs also come equipped with superior functionality and lightweight qualities. For a special touch, the brand also offers a bespoke service and frequently collaborates with well-known designers to produce coveted limited edition pieces.


A German company founded by father and son team Paul and Richard Morszeck in 1898, Rimowa’s suitcases are instantly recognisable thanks to their distinctive grooved aluminium cases. However, the circumstances that led to the creation of this signature design were pure chance. In 1937, Richard Morszeck was forced to create a suitcase entirely from aluminium when a fire destroyed all the other materials used for production. The result was a model that combined durability and lightness. By the 1950s, the grooved design had been created and this classic suitcase was born. Today, Rimowa’s luggage comes with a considerable amount of technology. In addition to producing styles in lightweight poly carbonate, many of the company’s models are designed with integrated electronic tags.

Luggage Brands


Founded in 1975, Tumi made its mark on the luggage industry with its ballistic nylon black travel bags, which soon became a firm favourite with jet-setters. Today, each Tumi product undergoes a rigorous testing process that includes a staggering 30 unique tests before it is proclaimed fit for sale. Particularly intelligent features include the Tumi Tracer, which reunites Tumi customers with their bags if they have been lost or stolen. The programme works by a unique 20 digit code which is printed on a metal plate fixed to each bag, all the owner must do is register their Tumi product and contact information at point of purchase.

Luggage Brands

Arlo Skye

Arlo Skye is a new luggage brand that’s been making waves in the industry. Set up by two highly experienced luggage designers, the company combines luxury with durability. Arlo Skye carry-ons are made from scratch proof aluminium alloy and fitted with European full grain leather handles and Japanese made wheels that promise to be 15% quieter than other models. What’s more, the cases include TSA approved portable chargers, which means no more fighting over power outlets at the airport.

Luggage Brands


Valextra is one of the most prestigious luggage brands available. The Milanese company are known and loved for their simple, streamlined designs. Expect elegant luggage trolleys that are made in Italy by Valextra’s skilled artisans and crafted from textured calf skin leather. The inclusion of a side and top extendable handle means the cabin sized model can easily be carried by hand or rolled along on wheels, and the timeless design means this will be a travel classic for years to come.

 Whatever luggage you choose, visit one of Red Carnation’s hotels and experience the world class service that the company is famous for. Whether you’re travelling for business, with the family or bringing your pet along too, expect to be treated exceptionally.

Image credits: Lead image © Arlo Skye. Woman with luggage © iStock/anyaberkut. Rimowa case with electronic tag © Rimowa. Collection of Tumi suitcases © Tumi. Arlo Skye carry on suitcase © Arlo Skye.

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