Floris of London


Red Carnation Hotels have partnered with Floris, a British bespoke perfumery committed to environmental responsibility.


01st April 2020

Red Carnation Hotels

Red Carnation Hotels are proud to partner with Floris, a British bespoke perfumery, that is fully committed to social and environmental responsibility. We will begin using Floris' toiletries in our UK properties.

Located in the heart of St James's, this 300-year-old bespoke perfumery is a privately-owned independent, family-run business with nine generations of expertise. All products are manufactured at Floris’ own factory in Devon; using many traditional methods such as hand-wrapping soaps and hand-pouring candles.  


Floris aims to be both 'brand led' and 'customer focused' in its approach to creating scents for their valued and loyal clientele. Floris' in-house perfumers host ‘The Floris bespoke experience’ where they craft unique and timeless scents, tailored to customer preferences. All scents available have been approved by Edward Bodenham, the Floris 'nose' and 9th generational member of the Floris family. Crafted at 89 Jermyn Street, customer’s personalised fragrances are hand blended before being placed into their very own Floris bottle, engraved with their initials. 


Floris’ outline key objectives in their approach and commitment to sustainability in their products. 

These commitments include, reducing waste through ‘re-use and recycling and by purchasing recycled’ products and materials when these products are available. They also strive to reduce their carbon footprint via sourcing materials within Europe as well as advocating the importance of their environmental commitment to customers, clients and the wider public.  

Our partnership with Floris reflects our commitment to eliminating wasteful minature toiletries by replacing them with luxury refillable decanters. We will aim to have completed this by mid-2020, and will continue to partner with the UK-based charity Clean Conscience to re-distribute our unused toiletries to those in need.

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