Painting the Western Cape: Bushmans Kloof in Watercolour


With a set of watercolour paints in every room, learn what makes the reserve such an inspiring places for artists, both budding amateurs and professionals.


07th September 2018

Bushmans Kloof

Set in the captivating surroundings of the Cederberg Mountains, artistic inspiration abounds at Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat. Alongside ancient rock paintings – a major attraction in the Cederberg – Bushmans Kloof’s surroundings are free from wild predators, so guests can pick up the watercolour paint set found in every guestroom and head out into the reserve in search of creative inspiration. Alternatively, soak up the hotel’s extraordinary and varied surroundings, brush in hand, from the comfort of your private terrace. Wherever you choose to while away an afternoon, guests wishing to do some painting while in the Western Cape certainly won’t be short of subject matter.

Painting Western Cape

Begin your artistic journey at Bushmans Kloof by exploring the area’s famous rock art. Created by the San people, believed to be the earliest inhabitants of South Africa, there are in excess of 130 rock art sites in the Cederberg. Guests are encouraged to explore these with the help of the reserve’s highly knowledgeable guides and on-site Rock-art Curator. Participate in an informative rock art walk, which takes place on a daily basis, to learn more about these incredible paintings and the stories they tell about life in the Western Cape as far back as 10,000 years ago. As Bushmans Kloof’s Rock-art Curator, Londi Ndzima explains: “Because there are no written accounts of the lives of the San people in the area, we have to rely on what they did leave behind… in this case, these

Painting Western Cape

For additional artistic inspiration, head to the Bushmans Kloof beautifully curated Heritage Centre, which showcases historic objects created by the San people, including jewellery and musical instruments. Alongside these exhibits, the award-winning contemporary photography of Michael Poliza skillfully captures scenes of the Bushmen’s day-to-day life.

Guests will undoubtedly find inspiration in Bushmans Kloof’s surrounding fynbos landscape. The muted tones and enchanting interplay of shadows and light across the rocks and grasses create an aesthetic that’s unique to the Western Cape – perfect for both painting and capturing on camera. Explore the reserve on a walking tour or nature drive and allow the magnificent colours and extraordinary biodiversity of the fynbos to inspire you to pick up a paintbrush.

Painting Western Cape

See the ancient rock art for yourself and try your hand at watercolour painting while in the Western Cape at Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat.

Image credits: all images courtesy of Red Carnation Hotels. 

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