Say NO to plastic


15 measures we will be implementing to remove plastic from our hotels.


At Red Carnation, it is our goal to remove all single-use plastic from our business by 2022. Over the last 12 months, we have been working on finding replacements for the following items of single-use plastic. By the 1st of May 2019, it is our aim for all Red Carnation Hotels to have completely eliminated the following items...

15 ways we will reduce plastic by 1st May 2019

1. Drinking straws 

We will replace drinking straws with reusable and/or recyclable alternatives. 

2. Cocktail stirrers
We will replace cocktail stirrers straws with reusable and/or recyclable alternatives.

3. Takeaway coffee cups and lids 
To be replaced using either reusable and/or recyclable alternatives. 

4. Plastic water bottles 
We will offer sustainable water bottle options to our guests.

5. Staff areas
In our staff areas we will eliminate plastic cups and cutlery.

6. Single portion packets of food
We will remove single portion plastic packets of items such as, butter, jam, Nutella. This also includes breakfast cereal boxes which have a plastic inner bag and yoghurt pots. 

7. Plastic pens 
Although plastic pens could be deemed as multiple use, they are a single use commodity. We will provide a more sustainable alternative. 

8. Envelopes with plastic windows
These will no longer be used externally or internally in our hotels.

9. Pedal bin liners 
Plastic bin liners will not be used for lining individual bins in offices, bathrooms or staff areas. These will not to be replaced with non-plastic alternatives, as these materials could have a detrimental impact on staff ability to recycle its contents. 

10. Coasters
We will use reusable or recyclable alternatives such as leather, cotton or paper with wax coated back. 

11. Linen and towel delivery 
We are working with our outsourced laundries (bed linen, towels and restaurant linen) to ensure that our laundry is collected and delivered without single-use plastic packaging.

12. Toothbrushes
Plastic handle toothbrushes will be removed. There is currently not an alternative available to replace plastic toothpaste tubes but finding a suitable solution will remain a key focus.  

13. Guest dry cleaning bags 

Hotel staff will no longer collect guest laundry in plastic bags. These will be replaced with a fabric alternative using natural materials such as cotton or jute.

14. TV remote controls
We will no longer place sanitised remote controls in plastic bags. A paper wrap (using recycled paper) will be used instead to inform guests the remote has been sanitised.

15. Kitchen piping bags
Alternative reusable or recyclable materials will be sourced as a replacement. 

Read more about our environmental initiatives and our partnership with Belu water who are helping the UK hospitality industry to eliminate bottled water.

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